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Professional Development Series

These experiences are designed to provide year-long support through monthly professional development sessions, giving participants time to learn, reflect, take action, get feedback, and repeat. 

Back to Zero Professional Development Series

How many of us entered the education profession equipped with the skills to help students cope through challenges?  This 8-session professional learning series immerses learners in highly engaging structures in order to explore, design, and practice ideas for supporting students with self-management and self-regulation so that they can experience joy in their learning.  Through a skillfully structured approach, participants will learn practical and research supported strategies for helping students through challenges, preventing and de-escalating negative  behaviors, and communicating with caregivers and other stakeholders.  Most importantly, Dr. Joy takes a positive and productive approach to helping participants reflect on their own attitudes, skills  and learning. 

Joy Works: 8 Lessons for Educators 

How do we sustain our joy as educators during these challenging times? For those of us who want to continue in education, we must have the courage to honor our joy. No one can deny the enormous issues that exist, but this does not mean that it is impossible for us to find joy in the role in which we serve.  This 8-session experience will help participants to reflect on the critical role of joy.  The work is meant to take each participant through an authentic process using elements of design thinking  in order to experience more joyful outcomes at work. 

Back to Zero: Because Some Days Are Not So Easy

We all know what it’s like to have a difficult moment and no one wants to feel like it is impossible to recover from it. How will you work alongside your students to navigate BIG emotions during challenging times? The ability to recognize our emotions and describe how we feel is an essential part of self-awareness and can help us make connections to our daily life and overall joy. Participants in this session will have an opportunity to experience increased personal awareness to strengthen their behaviors in response to difficulties while helping to nurture school communities that embrace challenges with empathy and love.


Do you want a powerful learning experience but do not have the capacity to engage in an ongoing series? Try a 2 hour workshop. Workshops are a great option designed for any time of the year and go beyond kick-off and motivational techniques. 

Joy Works at (Your Organization): Taking a Proactive Approach for More Joyful Outcomes 

This experience is unique because we focus on characteristics of your organization through the lens of joy. Let’s work together and take a personal approach to building an experience that will help your organization appreciate the importance of joy, as well as how to identify and exemplify it daily. 

Keynotes, Book Events, & Author Read-Alouds

Thinking of having Dr. Joy for a special event? She will definitely add that dose of joy that you are looking for. Dr. Joy customizes these  events for each audience and offers special pricing packages with the purchase of books. 

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Back to Zero Testimonial Rosalba G.png

Rosalba Gonzalez Rodriguez

Principal Castle View Elementary

At Castle View, we have “Back to Zero” resources available at our Wellness Center. Our students have received bookmarks, break cards and a very special read- aloud by Dr. Joy herself. My students were very excited to meet the author last year during Read Across America week. Our counselor went to every classroom to model strategies from the book “Back to Zero”. Many that worked with our counselor were given break cards and bookmarks to remind them how to help themselves go back to zero. When my students got to meet Dr. Joy, many shared how exciting they were to meet the author of one of our go to resources.
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