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What you learn with joy you never forget!
Love, Dr. Joy

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Hello, I’m Dr. Joy. I am the owner of Joy Work EDU, an Author, and Educational Leader. 


My dad gave me the nickname Joy.  I bet there were some days he second-guessed that decision (somewhere when I was between the ages of 12-25). It wasn’t until a certain point that I understood that this virtue of joy had empowered me both in my personal and professional life.


I am passionate about the presence of joy in schools. My goal is to encourage educators to tap into the power of joy and believe in its positive impact on every aspect of education.

Joy Works

Joy Works focuses on the importance of taking ownership of our joy and offers eight skillfully written lessons to support the journey.


Dr. Joy:

  • Provides an opportunity for readers to go through an authentic process,

  • Encourages insightful solutions,

  • Values the voices of other educators.

Back to Zero

Learning and practicing strategies for coping with challenges is important for both kids and adults. We all know what it is like to have a difficult moment or day. How we choose to respond can make all the difference.

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