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Joy from Within

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How are you feeling-emotionally speaking? Are you running though the days ignoring the bumps and bruises? Are you ducking, bobbing, weaving, and punching back? Are you getting beat the hell up? I hope that you are working toward sustaining your joy each day, and I know that takes a fight. It's unhealthy to ignore the hurt, pain, and struggles, and we have to guard our hearts and minds from the overwhelming negativity that surrounds us. How are you taking time to feel, reflect, heal, and experience joy from within?

I know that there are things you aspire to do, places you aspire to be, and ideas you aspire to become. Maybe everything is not happening as fast as you would like, but everything in due time. In the meantime, from where you are right now, challenge yourself, enjoy yourself...surprise yourself. Believe me, there are so many wonders about you that you don't even know yet. You know what, you can discover them in your current role, from your current home, within your current city, wearing your current clothes, with your current money. Joy comes from within. How will you tap into your joy?

These few ideas can help liven up the joy that is already there inside of you.

1. Embrace those who freely and lovingly pour into you. Those are the people who smile BIG when they see you, check in on you when they don't, and message you back even if it's just to say, "everything good because I need to call you back." They encourage you, support you, and want you to be seen and heard.

2. Read books. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to get through a book. Maybe you sneak away and read two pages when you get up in the morning, during lunch (because you know you need to take a lunch break...right) or before you close your eyes at night.

Books are magical spaces of knowledge and deliverance. I'd love for you to read one of mine of course. However, I am biased and so here is another list that you might want to check out as well.

3. Move a little. We all won't be hitting the gym every day. Find an enjoyable way to get movement in each day and switch it up when you get bored. Lately, I've been riding my bike around my block a few times and listening to my Guardians of the Galaxy mix in one ear, and some days I walk. Movement is life enhancing. You might find some ideas here.

4.Find a happy place, a physical and mental space where you can go when you need to readjust, reset, and switch out the noise. It's a space that allows you to reflect and enjoy being in your very own company. A happy place is where you go when you know you need to step away. Where is your happy place? If you don't have one. you need to get one.

Which of these ideas will you explore more? I will continue to encourage us through this joy work. Have fun...don't get too distracted, but damn... break a few rules along this journey.

Love, Dr. Joy

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